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Anonymous asked
Oh, I'm so sorry about triggered your bad memories... So what about the same thing, but Kurt or Burt accidentally finding Blaine's gun?


Much better, thank you nonnie !

Blaine never asked for that assignment—as if there is the possibility of a human traffic taking place in a theater , really—but he does enjoy the perks of being undercover.

It gives him the opportunity to relive his younger years—the FBI got a hold on him when he was still in High school and stopped an hostage situation all by himself, with no casualty—and it also brings Kurt into his life.

His roommate, his best friend, and whenever Blaine manages to gather his wit and courage, maybe something more, who is already home from the sound of it.

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Anonymous asked
That balloon looks more upset than Kurt :)

I didn’t see that but you have to consider that a- Kurt is getting a balloon, and b- the balloon is leaving Blaine ^^

gleeddicted asked
Someone keeps stealing my doormat AU. Actually, Blaine's dog is the one who always steals it and chews on it and stuff, so Blaine always steals it so Kurt doesn't see it, and he always wants to buy a new one, but Kurt is quicker. PROMPT!!! :D


God i love your mind

Besides, I got this message from an anon :

Klaine - stealing doormats. Sounds ridiculous and I’m curious to see how you’ll go with it. :D

So I’ll give it a go because this is just too cute to pass up


It’s fourteenth time Kurt has come home to a doormatless apartment, and he has enough.

Because, believe it or not, his doormat was the first thing he bought for his place when he moved out of the dorms, and he loved his doormat.

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Cuddle Sutra

Klaine Bingo : Cuddling

It’s Alianne’s birthday and I know that cuddle!fics are always ah-okay in her book ;)

I hope you’ll enjoy this one, sweetie !!

"Time for some serious PDA!"

Blaine tears his eyes from the TV to look at Kurt with a look of befuddlement. “Honey, we’re in our living room, in our apartment, without any roommate, with just our dog for a witness. Is that your definition of public display of affection? Because, let me tell you, I think that Cocker has seen it a-“

"I’m not talking about traumatizing Gypsy anymore that the poor thing already is," Kurt says as he plops himself next to Blaine, only for said Cocker to jump between them. “I’m talking about private display of affection.”

"Oooooh", Blaine lets out, picking up Gypsy to get closer to Kurt. "And what exactly did you have in mind?"

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Septemgirl - Day 15

Day 15: The one who pulls the string

Jeez, I’m torn

Accidentally, it’s between a Marvel character and a DC one ;)

On my right, Ms. Pepper Potts

And on my left, Ms. Felicity Smoak