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Just in time for Easter, here’s a brand new entry from the Department of Extraordinary Eggshell Artists: Polish artist Piotr Bockenheim spends countless hours using a tiny electric drill, an awesomely delicate touch, and immeasurable patience to turn goose egg shells into exquisite sculptures.

Head over to Piotr’s DeviantART gallery to view more.

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Number 7 for the semi NSFW MEme ;)

I need a pairing nonnie :3

The Big Apple is delicious - Glee 5x16 Reaction fic


I only have so much self control …

Warning : mentions of marking during sex, licking, biting, rimming, hickeys, you get my drift

And I plan on savoring every bite


Kurt laughs under Blaine’s lips, but he otherwise manages to stay still, resisting the urge to squirm as Blaine’s lips travel down his spine. “You’re being ridi-Ah! Ridiculous”, he says, gasping when Blaine opens his mouth around a very sensitive knot Kurt has been enduring for a couple of days. A pressure of Blaine’s teeth, his fingers joining his lips and it’s magically gone, making Kurt sigh and relax even more into the pillow.

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Inspired by this beautiful gifed drawing that @animateglee gifted to us all http://animateglee.tumblr.com/post/83013421132/push-ups-and-kisses-for-all-eternity

Title from Freestylers’ song entitled “Push up”, for obvious reasons ;)

The cleansing atrocity is promptly flushed down the toilet, because Blaine might want to get himself back in shape, but Kurt doesn’t want a husband burdened with ulcers and other sickness this kind of regime could bring.

And Blaine is more than happy to oblige- it really is disgusting, and it changes the way his taste buds work.

Slowly, they start a routine that only belongs to them, built out of knowing each other’s strength so well and out of love.

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Comment on the size of a man’s penis and it’s a low blow and a stab at his masculinity. Comment on the size of a woman’s anything and it’s a social norm.