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Klaine Week 2013 : Skank / Badboy Klaine

aka Skank Kurt / Badboy Blaine being adorable

Cause I love taking the prompt literally :)

 ”Oi Anderson !”

Blaine doesn’t bother to look at the person calling his name ; he keeps his eyes on his phone, his cigarette hanging from his lips while he simunateously blows the smoke.

He’s talented like that.

(Of course his boyfriend always says that he’s very talented with his mouth, but somehow Blaine doubts that Kurt is talking about his smoking abilities - even it does involve some form of blowing …)

"Anderbro !" Jake exclaims as he sits next to Blaine. The younger Puckerman is definitely a badboy padawan, but funnily enough, he looks up to Blaine more than to his own brother (well, funnily for Blaine and Kurt - Puck doesn’t seem to appreciate the irony). "Didn’t you hear me calling you ?"

"Of course I heard you, Puckerman" Blaine answers as he finishes to destroy yet another chuckling pig on his screen. "I think the nerds in the library on the other side of this sorry school heard you" and then he really can’t help himself, it’s too easy to make fun of Jake, "you know, people might start thinking there is something between us, the way you like to call out my name …"

Jake punches his shoulder, but he can’t hide his smile (nor his blush - Blaine will never stop making fun of him from now on) “You’re an asshole”

"The best"

The voice coming from above them (above ?) stops them in their banter as they both look up toward the one who gave Blaine the … compliment they guess.

Of course Blaine knows his boyfriend’s voice - he’s quite fond of it, actually, especially when it’s screaming his name in overwhelming pleasure … - but he’s always amazed at Kurt’s capacity to pop out of nowhere.

The only male member of McKinley’s Skanks is hanging upside down from the tree branch above them - as a matter of fact, the only tree that reaches to the detention room window.

"Hummel, are you skipping detention ?" Jake asks, and even if he tries, he can’t hide the admiration in his voice.

(Somehow, for all their badass-take no prisoner attitude, the Puckerman brothers seem to have a soft spot for the only openly gay couple in their school)

Kurt doesn’t bother with an answer, his presence above them is quite self-explanatory. With an elegant move, he sits on the branch before jumping down next to them. Even with his leaded boots, his landing is silent as a cat’s, and Jake lets out a laugh when Blaine raises his phone where they can see he typed a big “9.8”.

"Fuck you, that landing deserved a 10" Kurt pouts as he takes a sit next to Blaine.

"There’s always room for improvement, love" Blaine says with a crooked smile, before leaning forward and kiss Kurt at the corner of his mouth.

Kurt grumbles for a moment before returning the kiss.

Jake waves them goodbye - he adores Blaine and is in awe of Kurt’s … everything, but he can’t stay next to them when they’re acting like lovebirds.

"So" Blaine starts, putting his arm around Kurt’s waist, "what did you do to land yourself in detention ?"

Kurt scoffs. “I didn’t do anything, Mister. I simply made my opinion known on a fashion matter, and the recipient of said opinion didn’t happen to appreciate constructive criticism.”

Blaine cocks one eybrow at that, prompting Kurt to elaborate. “I told Mrs Davies that her dress was an insult to fabric.”

"You didn’t"

"To all fabrics"

"Oh my god Kurt"

"Even to fabrics that were yet to be discovered"

Blaine doesn’t have the willpower to resist and lets out a laugh.

"You’re the best, Kurt"

Kurt preens at that, settling in Blaine’s embrace. “I do have my days”

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